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Do you have the love for Lettering but sometimes struggle to get into a zone where you shut the outside world out and only focus on your lettering practice? Don’t worry, you are not alone!

Let us introduce our ‘Just Me, Myself and Lettering’ candle range that will help create an environment perfect for your lettering practice.

Whether you are in a happy mood or would like to calm your mind and body from a busy & stressful day, we have the perfect scent for both!

// NO. 1 HAPPY //
Champagne • Exotic fruits
A fragrance that will make you want to eat the candle!!
It will create a tropical and uplifting atmosphere in your room.
Made from Coconut Soy wax • Wood Wick • Approx burn time of 50hrs
Hand Poured with love by Scented Purpose.
Hand Lettered artwork by YaMogu.

//Candle Care//
When you light up the candle for the first time, be sure to burn it for at least 1 hour to keep the wax layer even. Do not burn for more than 3 hours.
Be sure to trip your wooden wicks between each burn, to avoid the burnt wood scent interfering with the beautiful fragrance of the candle.

Whether you are buying this candle for yourself or someone special as a gift, you are welcome to request a personalisation of the candle pouch. (Complimentary) It can be a name or a phrase of your choice, and in any colour that you wish. Mention it in the comment section at the checkout.

//Shipping //
Allow for up to 3 days packaging & handling.
Shipping within Australia only.

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