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Modern Calligraphy Gift Set


Are you looking at starting up with Modern Calligraphy, but not sure what tools to start with?
This Manuscript’s Modern Calligraphy Gift Set is perfect just for that!

The box is perfect as a gift or for spoiling yourself.

It includes:
• 5 Shimmer inks and 1 Black ink
• 2 Dip pens
• 1 Brush for modern calligraphy
• 4 Modern calligraphy nibs (Hiro Leonardt no.41 ; G Leonardt ; Leonardt Principal ; Leonardt 40)
• 1 Guideline Alphabet worksheet
• 1 Storage tin to keep all the equipment in

Allow for up to 3 days packaging & handling.
Shipping within Australia only.
No Returns & Refunds

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Out of Stock


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