Brush Lettering Workshop – CANBERRA


LOCATION: Little National Hotel Canberra

DATE & TIME: 12th DECEMBER 2020 – SATURDAY 13:00 – 16:00

OR 13th DECEMBER 2020 – SUNDAY 13:00 – 16:00


Are you in need of a new hobby?

Or have you been wanting to learn brush lettering for sometime now but haven’t had to the chance to?

During this workshop, I (Alena) will teach you the absolute basics of brush lettering.

We will go through:

• The basic strokes

• Word ‘minimum’ which joins the basic strokes together into one word

• Alphabet – Depending on your preference I will either show the full alphabet (lower and uppercase), or I will run you the challenging letters of the alphabet.

• An overview of bouncy/modern lettering style

At the end of the class I will teach you how to write either your name or another word/phrase of your choice.

Learning Brush Lettering not only helps your creativity to grow, but it also helps you to stay mindful and relaxed as you focus on perfecting each of the strokes. I promise that when you practice lettering that you will notice how the problems of the world.

What is included:


• 3 Hours learning/practice of the brush lettering fundamentals
• Lettering Kit (contacting the tools your need to get started, and take home to continue your practice)
• Snack pack & Drink

** If you have any allergies or dietary requirements, please mention them in the comment section in the checkout. **


” Teacher was lovely, she came around to all of us many times to ensure we were on the right track. We got to learn the basics and I was surprised how much I improved in the class. We got to keep the pens which is great and I’ll definitely recommend it to someone starting out! ” – Colum Corr
” Great class, fabulous teacher and a really lovely skill to have learnt. My husband and I loved it. A really relaxing and calming thing to do on a Saturday morning. ” –Yvette Costi
” Alena was so patient and very experienced. Great class with take home brush pens for practise! Really enjoyed this experience and looking forward to my next class with Alena 😊 ” – Linda Pham
” Fantastic class – Alena is very talented and spent a good amount of time with each person. She also did demonstrations on how best to approach Brush Lettering, which was helpful when practicing your own work. Would recommend as I went on my own if you’re looking to learn a new skill or with friends/partner. ” – Azhani Amiruddin
” Alena is actually such a nice and caring person! I’m sure the class could testify to this, but you can see how passionate she is when it comes to brush lettering, and passing her knowledge of it unto others. She was gentle and kind as she explained, she didn’t rush us at all. Also, her feedbacks were so useful and it created an immense difference in my work. She took out time to teach every individual. The class is very beginner friendly, I met a lady who said her handwriting was bad and she ended up being one of the best. I definitely recommend this class. Also, loved the snacks! ” – Moyo Adesina

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